We solve your infrastructure needs and partner with you to keep it reliable, safe, and improving.


Our mission is to hoʻololi (transform) critical infrastructure into an efficient, reliable, and sustainable service. Through innovative investments in infrastructure, we help accelerate Hawaiʻi’s journey toward a resilient and equitable future.


Hawaiʻi is at a significant huliau (turning point) facing issues ranging from outdated and crumbling infrastructure to climate disaster situations and economic uncertainty.

We are committed to empowering Hawaiʻi as a leader in global sustainability, through innovative technologies and local partnerships that advance social and environmental benefits to drastically reduce fossil fuel consumption, battle the threat of sea level rise and build state of the art infrastructure to make Hawaiʻi a beacon of inspiration for the rest of the nation and world.



To properly care for and protect the land, people, and the culture. Always leave a place better than we found it. Never waste or take more than we need.


To know and do what is right.

To act with the greatest respect and consideration of the environment, the culture, and the community.


To persevere and perpetuate.

To always look ahead, being able to adapt and grow while focusing on building up the generations to follow.

Our values are the compass that guide everything we do.

They ground our decision-making and root our actions in a purpose greater than ourselves. They give our work direction and meaning.


Sustainability Partners (SP) is a Public Benefit Company focused on equitable Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives. We permanently eliminate deferred maintenance of essential infrastructure, lowering costs and time spent on maintenance.

SP offers a unique and effective alternative to the traditional purchase or lease of capital assets by offering a monthly usage-based service called Infrastructure as a Service®.


“ʻIke aku, ʻike mai, kōkua aku, kōkua mai; pela iho la ka nohona ʻohana.”

“Recognize and be recognized, help and be helped; such is family life.”

ʻOhana is instrumental to community empowerment. When families are strong and healthy, they can thrive. The connections we have with our culture and land begin with the connections within our own families.

Our Solutions

SP allows Hawai’i to implement vital infrastructure enabling meaningful environmental and social impact ⎯ electric vehicles and charging stations, comprehensive clean water systems, efficient wastewater treatment plants, and more.

We partner with local government and communities to establish reliable, safe, and efficient systems. We collaborate with locally owned companies to optimize execution, support the economy, and increase Hawaiian competitiveness.

Investing in Your Success

SP Hawai’i provides the capital and facilitates the installation, delivery, training, and ongoing maintenance of infrastructure.

Together we identify and implement sustainable solutions that will positively impact generations to come.

Partnering with the Islands ⎯ Sustainable Infrastructure Projects

  • Electric Vehicles

    Modern, environmentally friendly, durable, cost effective, and fully customizable vehicles

  • Charging Infrastructure

    Robustly engineered, efficient, sustainable energy sourcing

  • Clean Water Infrastructure

    Revenue increasing, state-of-the-art, comprehensive solutions

  • Wastewater Treatment Solutions

    Operationally efficient, positively impacting the environment and health of islanders